A Winget_World Initiative

Today on the auspicious occasion of Ganesha chaturthi , i am pleased to announce that ,
Inspired by @sonusood sir,I am extending my helping hand for Helpless,Orpahns , Paralysed or Disabled persons.

  • From Today 10:00 UTC, i am Locking all my(in the name of ashutosh kr) present and

        Future funds in the form of BNB hodling to finance the above initiative.

  • 5% of the total BNB hodling in the Binance account of ashutosh kr will be used every year for this initiative


  1. today (22nd august 2020 ,10:00 UTC) the total BNB hodling in the above said account is 52 BNB (worth 1201$).
  2. 5% will be calculated on #BNB Hodling snapshot taken on 26th December every year.
  3. BNB hodling will only increase with time,it will never be sold at any cost for any other cause,except this initiative
  4. BNB might be used for staking or fixed Deposit so that extra interest can be generated over principal BNB hodling every year.
  5. occasional Airdrop recieved will also be used for this initiative Funding.
  6. The Main source of BNB earning in above said account is referral commission (20%),when my referral trader do trade.that will obviously only increase with time.
  7. This project will be running as far as the above Binance account in the name of me(Ashutosh kumar) do Exist.
  8. In the worse scenario too,This initiative will have 52BNB (Worth 1 lakh),that will be generating consistent 5% fund.
  9. one can audit this project and can ask for holdings snapshot and spending ledger on very 1st sunday of each month.
    Any suggestions is heartly welcome.

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